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Wenzhou Sanlian Group is located in Pingyang Economic Development Zone kunao Avenue, traffic convenient developed lots, which belongs to the Aojiang center of the lot.

Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, Aojiang estuary roaring waves, like a giant Ao negative mountain, hence the name of aojiang. Aojiang Town, officially the town built in 1933, is located in the southeast coast of Zhejiang, located in the delta of the Yangtse River and the Minjiang River Delta economic circle of the connection point, East gaze afar World Biosphere Reserve Nanji Islands, west of national scenic area Yandang Mountain, membership, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Ping Yang county industrial city and economic, scientific, technological, financial and transportation center. The town has a total area of 102 square kilometers, population 180000, 11 offices, 16 residential areas, 100 administrative villages. In 2001, the town to achieve GDP 24.42 million yuan, 43.44 billion yuan of gross output value of industry and agriculture, 167 million yuan of fiscal revenue, urban residents disposable income of 11820 yuan, 5812 yuan per capita net income of farmers; comprehensive economic strength in the forefront of the city's strong town of 30 and 100 town in Zhejiang Province

Aojiang in Zhejiang Province, one of the five largest intermodal port and shipping routes can go directly to the major ports, the existing more than 300 ton 50 docks, 3000 ton ships, the annual throughput of 220 million tons. On the day of the whole country, the long-distance bus 206 class line, the annual passenger traffic 1500000 passengers, about 30000000 tons of road freight. Aojiang north from Wenzhou Port 54 nautical miles, the township from Wenzhou airport 50 kilometers, 104 National Highway and the coastal highway through the town and, Wenfu Railway Middle Size Passenger Center stations located in Aojiang.

Town with the state-level Spark Technology - intensive areas, the provincial Economic Development Zone, customs, commodity inspection, maritime, port and Taiwan - round berthing points foreign agencies, and financial institutions at the county level, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, credit union, PICC and county-level units County Bureau of quality and technical supervision, county power supply bureau, County Bureau of goods, County Drug Supervision Bureau, County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, salt bureau, county traffic police brigade, border brigade, anti smuggling office and other institutions. Town public infrastructure facilities complete, beautiful environment, roads criss crossing, the river is dotted, Aojiang is historical city features, and personality of Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes.

Has won the United Nations Development Programme "sustainable development of small towns in China" town pilot project, the small cities and towns nationwide comprehensive reform of the pilot towns, the construction of small towns model town, national civilized small towns to create model town, the creation of the national civilized villages and towns, town of advanced, national spark technology intensive district construction units such as the honorary title.

Address;Pingyang economic development zone, zhejiang province aojiang avenue
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