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   Established in 1985, China·Sanlian Transmission Machinery is a high and new technology enterprise engages in research,develop and manufacture fqr reducer & speed variator.It covers more than 40,000 square meters,has more than 800 staff,20% of whom are technicians.We have 1'6. series including SLRV series industrial robot joint reducer SLR/SLS/SLK/SLF series hard tooth flank gear reducer,SLH/SLB series high power reducer,SLP series planetary speed reducer,X/B series cycloidal reducer, SLXG series shaft-mounted gear box,SLSWL series worm screw jack,SLT series helical cone gear box,altogether more than 10,000 ratios,various specification make us at the head of domestic transmission industry.Our products were awarded as the product of "Wenzhou Famous Trademark","Provincial Famous Trademark","Wenzhou Top Brand" and "Provincial New Produc".We consisttently based on advanced operation idea,different product,professional manufacture experience and high responsibility tcfwidely serve the mechanidal transmission field of light & heavy industry such as:beer & beverage,mining machine,food packing,textile printing,rubber & plastic material,petrochemical industry,jack-up transportation,pharmacy & process hides,environmental protection equipment.              

   In order to improve the technical equipment and technological level,we inported German HOFLER forming gear grinding machine and more than 300 sets the most advanced accurate equipment including accurate numerical control turning machine, machining center,accurate worm grinding machine,numerical control worm & emery cutter grinding machine,gear hobbing machine,three dimensional measure instrument,gear measure instrument which make our workmanship and equipment in the lead of domestic transmission * industry.At the same time,we are the first to obtain the IS09009 QA certification in our industry.

   WE set up more than 30 sales branch office (after-sale service office) to serve our customers in time and thoroughly.Our products also exported to more than thirty countries in America,Europe,Asia and Africa.We are enjoying high reputation over the world.To be the famous brand product is the aim of Sanlian people,satisfying the customer is the purpose of Sanlian people.Our fast development was approved by the government,we was awarded the credit rated Aof "abiding the contract and keeping good faith" of Zhejiang province.  

Address;Pingyang economic development zone, zhejiang province aojiang avenue
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